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Hung Kuen (empty fist), Kung Fu (work hard) is Cantonese and means to work hard to develop fist or fighting skills. The style originated in the Shaolin temple in southern China. In Hong Kong, Hung Kuen is called the husband style and Wing Chun is called the wife style.
Anthony’s style emphasises; lighting fast punches, stable stances,  iron-hard blocks, powerful kicks, , trapping, grappling, throwing, wrestling and the understanding of striking points. 11The style was designed to create a well developed person; one who is not just physically fit, but mentally prepared for life’s battles and geared to produce a well balanced, close range combat system of self-defence. Anthony has studied over 30 styles of martial arts, one being Ninjutsu where Anthony appeared as a real Ninja on the TV show MythBusters. In Anthony’s training syllabus many fantastic skills and techniques of martial arts are taught, to create a well-rounded martial artist. Chinese Wushu (martial arts) forms are also taught, as well as a range of weapon forms, such as the staff, spear, broadsword and straight sword.         

                   NEMAC motto is ‘practice is the key to success’

 The level system in Hung Kuen is tested on technique (the higher the belt, the more complex the skills). The levels are white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black, red (Instructor), silver (Advanced Instructor) and gold (Master). In general it takes 30 + lessons to attain each level depending upon the student’s abilities.


Grandmaster Instructor Anthony Kelly

Anthony Kelly began martial arts in 1978 and started teaching self defence in 1985. He established NEMAC in 1990. Anthony has trained in China and many other countries and has, after many years of personal training, competing in tournaments, teaching and undertaking annual professional development courses, refined his art to a very effective and comprehensive style. He is against violence and ensures each of his students are aware of where and when to use their martial art skills.


Anthony Kelly – Martial Arts Expert

  1. Hung Kuen Kung Fu – Grandmaster     
  2. Wushu – Grandmaster
  3. White Crane Fist Kung Fu - Master
  4. Dim Mak – Master
  5. Chin Na (Quinna) - Master
  6. Iron Palm - Master
  7. Tai Chi, Yang style - Master
  8. Chinese Wushu Weapons - Master
  9. Taekwondo - 3rd Degree
  10. Ninjutsu - 2nd Degree
  11. Go Ju Ryu Karate - 2nd Degree
  12. Jujutsu - 1st Degree
  13. Kobudo (Weapons) - 1st Degree
  14. Wing Chun Instructor
  15. Mixed Martial Arts - Instructor



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